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End of Week 3 update:

So, yesterday (April 6) was the end of the third week.

I did the full water change:

As well as removed via trimming any remaining dead growth. As you can see in the tank there's virtually 100% good, green, healthy growth going on everywhere.

Upon filling I added my ratio of Seachem Equilibrium + Penac W for water hardness on the RODI water. Now that I'm switching to once a week water changes + top offs, I can stabilize the system easily with these buffers in place.

Clear water 20 minutes later:

Did I mention how much I love E. Tennellus? I'm incredibly happy to see this runner because now I can continue to propagate the plant. The runner will be cut as soon as it starts to "bloom," since I can't really have another tennellus plant that far front.

Let's do some comparison:

Day 1 (planted) :

End of Week 1:

The bucket shot during week 1:

End of Week 2:

The bucket shot during week 2:

End of Week 3:

Week three bucket shot:

The routine now is 2 squirts Brighty K, 1 Squirt Green Brighty Step 1, 1 squirt Green Brighty Special Lights, 6 drops Green Bacter after water change.

Once a week water changes now.
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