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Originally Posted by Michiba54 View Post
Hi Frank, I've seen you talk about doing w/c once a day for the first month a few times an I was wondering if this was necessary for tanks that have already been established (cycled, but never planted) or is it just for newly set up tanks?

Hello Michiba,

I would not recommend adding plants to a tank that never had them before - it would be much easier for you to start from scratch with a tank dedicated to plants and set up correct from there.

But if it was a planted tank that was already established you wouldn't have to do the 1 a day 1st week, every other day 2nd week, twice a week 3rd week, one a week afterwards. Though if you have significant algae issues I'd do at least 3 a week til the tank levels out.

Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Great growth Frank, your HC Cuba is already spreading faster than mine.

So I took your advice and added K and Iron, I still have the brown/burnt leaf while some of the colour on the other stems are a lush green.

Any ideas about HC Cuba's brown/burnt tip? Growth is better, yet the colour is not.
I would trim off any of the burnt growth and brown growth - use fine tipped scissors to do this function. New, green growth will replace it.

As long as new growth is vibrantly green, and the roots are white and healthy, you're good.
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