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Originally Posted by roybot73 View Post
One thing I've noticed over the years is how often people seem to want to "rescape". It seems to me that a proper Nature Aquarium should be set up with longevity in mind and design. The more recent pictures of the display tanks at the Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata seem to reflect this ethos -- the same ones are still there that were there several years ago, and are looking better as time goes on.

Can you speak to this point?
Great question Roy,

The reality is that you should keep a layout going as long as you enjoy it. There are techniques to make sure the growing goes as long as possible. Ultimately there comes a time when the aquarium just needs to be reset, but that time can be years and years.

Here's my theory (and it's based on my experience, ADG experience and the combined threads here, seeing people's layouts over the years).

People rescape because of inexperience that leads to the layout just getting 'away,' from them: e.g. they "fail," due to inadequate growth or too much algae and frankly, it gets really discouraging.

Very rarely do I see people restart a tank out of being (more especially nano's) "tired," with their layout idea, more so just that it didn't work out for them (and this happened a lot at ADG too for the first year of the new space until I spent a whole year figuring out new techniques and water parameters to solve the issue.

So the result is that it is just easier and more cathartic to restart and try again. This is an admirable trait to learn from mistakes and keep on goin, but the same mistakes get repeated again and again and again.

This is why I focus so so much on getting people started right.

It's irrelevant what product is used as long as it does the job it needs to do. Are there differences? of course. But if you follow the principles and the methodology I've laid out before, then your success rate is guaranteed to go up at least 100-200% over your last layout.

What was the result of all my hard work in figuring out The Method at ADG?

The success rate of layouts went from 25% of every layout set up being successful to the exact vision we saw it to 100% of every layout reaching what we saw in our minds.

This is The Method I'm trying to share with everyone here - so that everyone can benefit from my hard-earned experience to catapult their ability to create awesome layouts.

So that you can have the layout you always dreamed of
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