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Hi, Doc.

Thanks for the complement. My original plan was to have the LEDs slightly raised above the glass cover of the tank. I assumed that the glass would be sufficient separation from the moisture and any drips (hopefully none). I didn't think the humidity would be a problem for the solder joints, but maybe that is something to consider (anyone know if this is a problem?). I know you can get a paint-on sealer for the solder joints but I did not go to that much trouble. I agree that reefers worry about the salt being corrosive to solder joints, but I did not believe freshwater posed such a risk.

In any case, I have decided couple weeks ago to hang the lights about one foot above the tank using 80-degree optics for better light penetration (and less light spillage outside the tank). From that height, I doubt I will need any additional barrier for water. Also, I like the clean and simple look of the lights as they are now, so I am hesitant to add anything else to it (other than the optics).

From what I have read so far, my lights will probably be fine as they are, but I am open to anyone's suggestions to improve my set up.

Good luck on your build.
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