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Hi MiamiArt
I run an mp10 on a 40G and i have to say its very very good (a little fiddly to get running silent) it runs on lagoon setting at %50 power which is more than enough flow, but i would reccomend running it with the sponge guard for two reasons
1. to reduce the flow a little and it acts as a debris filter (which i clean at the weekly water change time)
2. most importantly to keep snails out (they can cause the rotor to stall)

To break it in run it at full power in an empty tank for a few days that will speed up the bed in process for the wet side.
To prevent the rotor(wet side) slipping during running, when you first place it in the tank press it firmly against the glass while rotating it anticlockwise.
To get the alignment correct place your ear on the glass and listen to the vibration while you move the dry side around (half MM at most) until you find the sweet spot.

Hope you have fun with it, i would like to have the radions as well but i have only just bought grobeams not so long ago (Hmmm maybe its time to sow the seeds to the missus for a future upgrade)

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