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Originally Posted by Doc7 View Post
Interesting thread so far. I like the ADA NA style though can't say I've attempted it. Someday I hope to also get a nano rimless.

Is there much remaining to do with this tank besides let it spread, and continue trimming?

How long from "completion" of the scape would you estimate it is? Also - is there a longevity of a scape like this where runners etc keep it from being manageable, or would you say once the carpet finishes filling in you could trim this and keep it looking like its current state for an indefinite period of time?

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At this point the name of the game with the aquarium, especially once it hits next week (when weekly water change begins and just top offs in between), is to 'sculpt,' the layout and maintain parameters.

There is absolutely nothing indefinite about any planted tank - so I do not believe you could keep this going ad infinitum. However, the length of time it'll last is a precise measurement between: When the final picture is reached and when I tire of looking at the layout / want to do something else.

Realistically, you could keep the aqua soil itself going for a few years if you did proper maintenance on it, provided you aren't constantly uprooting, and supplementing root tabs like Multi & Iron Bottom.

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I like it! so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!
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