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How it is currently

So I found some batteries and took some shots of the tank how it is today.
Here's what's in it:

Amano Shrimp
Male Betta
Cory Catfish Panda 2
Cory Catfish Ambriocus 2
Kyathit Danio
Lampeyed killifish 3
Longfin Leapord Danio
Longfin Blue Danio
Silver Hatchetfish 5

African Onion Plant Crinum calamistratum
Anubius Barteri v. ‘Roundleaf’
Anubiaus Nana
Brazilian Pennywort Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Contortion Val Plant
Crypt Plant v. Green Wendti
Crypt Plant v. Bronze Wendti
Crypt Plant v. Red Wendti
Cryptocoryne Lutea
Cryptocoryne Parva
Java Moss
Green Ozelot Echinodorus ‘Ozelot Green’
Ludwigia Red
Oriental Sword Echinodorus ‘Oriental’
Water Sprite Ceratopteris thalictroides
Click image for larger version

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The tank is still leaving me wanting more, more lushness and more contrast. Do you have any suggestions for what might work. I was thinking maybe some big crypts behind the wood under the filter. They seem to do well in here. This oriental sword isn't so old but it doesn't seem to be doing well. The new leaves are shrivelled. I dose with flourish once a week. Should I be adding iron or anything else. Would CO2 help this tank or are the two 15 watt fluorescents too dim to add CO2 with?

In a few months I may be getting a used 40 gallon, at that time I'm not sure if I will continue this tank or dismantle and move the fish and plants into that. And make that 40 a higher light tank with CO2. It seems like this is a hard size to work with. Part of the reason I chose this piece of wood is for it's arch. I have another arched piece of driftwood in this 5 gallon tank with an old betta with a big tumor:
Click image for larger version

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I was thinking that when that betta dies (currently he loves his wood as it gives him two caves to rest in) that the two of these pieces of wood and maybe another arched piece of moss covered wood would all work together well in a 40.

Should I keep trying new things with this tank, maybe buying a better light, DIY CO2, or save my money and time for the 40?
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