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I've been moving the equipment around a lot lately. Today I moved the outflow and powerhead to the left side of the tank, and the c02 diffusor to the right side. I'm not very happy with it already, it doesn't spread the c02 as it did the way before... in which the bubbles have no chance to reach the surface.

I'd really like to get a lilly inflow . . and an inline heater and c02 diffusor. The equipment clutter really detracts from the scape. Until I have some spare funds to support the tank I'm just going to have to deal with it.

You can see how tall the glosso is in the previous photo. Since cutting the 120 watts down to just the 50w T5HO the glosso has decided to grow much more vertical . . . I'd really like to purchase some sort of improved lighting which I could hang with a DIY light stand. I know there are some ADA knock off's of Solar 1's and whatnot . . or maybe an LED alternative.

I trimmed the glosso today and discovered a dead oto which seemed to of wiggled his way down into the 3" thick carpet and never get out. Poor guy. Looked like he had been dead for some time... 3 otos remain! The shrimp were happy to finish most of his remains. Without the glosso forest you can really see the bba. On the rocks, small crypts, a bit here and there on some wallichi stems which are still transitioning to my aquarium. I need to start dosing excel again.

I'll get around to taking some pictures tomorrow.
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