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Update April 2012.

Original Betta died a few weeks ago. Now I have two specs and one has a pair of Australe Orange Killifish and the other a Halfmoon Betta.

I started a mesh moss wall. Simple Michael's craft mesh and Java moss with suction cups. It was super easy, but all the tutorials I've seen show java moss sandwiched between 2 layers of mesh and then attached to the wall. I only used one layer of mesh and sandwiched the java moss between the mesh and the back wall of the tank because I couldn't fit 2 layers on suction cup due to the thickness.

Just hope it grows. I'm still waiting for my Tom's light so right now it's low low light with my Ikea lamp. Good news is the Betta has already stopped flaring at the back of the tank with the mesh up.

Anyone have suggestions on the moss wall? I'm a little worried the nutrients and light won't get to the moss because of the mesh and back wall. Should I take it apart and use a finer mesh at the back?

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