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Originally Posted by Scyry View Post
Putting in sprinklers systems for grass. I took out 3 old dead/dying trees a couple summers ago, regraded the whole yard to slope away from the house better and built up a 2 foot rock wall on the street sides of the lot. Last summer we planted bulbs, some bushes, roses and a bunch of small trees. I also worked in a lot of compost, peat and manure because the entire yard is heavy clay. Should have an actual presentable yard this summer.

Haven't touched my garden yet besides clearing weeds and watering my strawberries and aspargas.
Sounds like a big project! My parents had the 3 dying trees cut down and grind the stumps. I wanted to put some raised garden beds in their place but parents won't allow it.

What kind of compost did you use? Did you make your own, or buy it?

I gotta amend my soil too, I currently have two bales of Happy Frog Soil Conditioner, but I'm thinking of getting some other bagged stuff to add to the ground like Clean Earth Soils Compost Mix, Cow and Compost, and maybe a couple bags of Earthworm Castings with Compost.

The soil hasn't been touched since my parents planted some nasty creeping junipers back when we moved to this house.... ~16 years ago. So I dug out most of what I can, though there are still a little bit of juniper roots, and a bunch of Siberian Elm saplings on the edges. Back breaking work!

Looks like weather really is quite different depending where you live in the US! The clouds are looking like they are up to no good this afternoon and the wind picked up.... grrr....
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