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Originally Posted by pweifan View Post
xenxes, i really like this a lot!

I'm a bit jealous of your patio. I've had racoons go after the shrimp and fish in my container. Needess to say, they destroyed almost all the plants doing so. I have to keep mine covered now, so no plants growing out of the water for me

What's your other floater besides frogbit? Is that Salvia major or Red Root Floater?
Have very few salvinia minima, just don't like how they look. Large is a water lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes), also have some dwarf variety, and yes red root floaters they get very red when the roots are exposed to light.

Racoon are evil geniuses, have you seen this?

Maybe stick with nonedible plants?

I had a chicken hawk swoop down on my balcony earlier today, knocked a couple things over, including a tupperware of worms that spilled everywhere :/ Not sure if it made it off with any fish, not that I'd mind losing a few, they breed way too prolifically.

Originally Posted by PaulG View Post
I want that patio and view so bad!

Nice pond too, it's looking better than my tub of green water
TY Add daphnia to eat the green water! Or other filter feeders such as fairy shrimp (but these aren't sustainable). If you have fish you should take them out, or keep the daphnia in an isolated / filtered through container inside.
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