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So an Update to the tank.

I have none of the original cast of fish, my ram, my dwarf gourami both died, and my Gold Gourami was sent back to my LFS because he became super aggressive.

currently the tank contains
3 bamboo shrimp(one is massive you should see him here
2 or 3 amanos
a couple RCS
1 Blackberry shrimp
1 vampire shrimp that I haven't seen since i put him in the tank,
1 apistogramma borelli
2 penguin tetras
3 neon zaebra danos
4 red eye Koi Swords
1 albino cory cat
1 leopard cory cat
1 Green aeneus cory
1 reticulated Hillstream loach
1 Zebra Nerite Snail
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