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Originally Posted by jellie View Post
I'm about to stuff some of my water loving orchids in there.

Suggestions: Pothos cuttings, Sweet potato cuttings, wet ferns (I have my maidenhair fern in there). Really, it's anything you can cut and root in water. I could stick my rooted avocado pit in there.

For more terrestrial plants like the fern, I stuff them in a net pot with floss and then sink just the bottom of the pot leaving the rest above, it keeps the whole thing moist just by capillary action and doesn't drown the poor plant.
Do you have names for water loving orchids or know where to find them?

I have pothos sticking out of the 29 non-dirt tank already so I'll want other things for variety. I had pothos in my 40 dirt tank and as soon as the roots reached the dirt it went crazy taking over and growing like an 1/2 inch a day. I took it out and now I'm looking to plant it in an indoor hanging basket (if I can ever find one).

How do you keep the net pot from sinking to the bottom?

Originally Posted by AirstoND View Post
I am planning on adding Lobelia erinus, red basil, and English lavender from my seedling tray.
Do you have your plants just dropped directly into the filter box? What plants do you have there now, I see Zebrina. Specifically whats the plant that looks kinda like a tree branch.
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