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Originally Posted by Eden Marel View Post
Wow looks like a big yard! What are you gonna put in it? I was looking forward on Monday to start working the ground as well for my little garden but the cold and drizzle put me off. And the Siberian Elms around here are sending out seeds like crazy it scares me cuz I have to deal with the seedlings/saplings and they are evil and hard to get out.
Putting in sprinklers systems for grass. I took out 3 old dead/dying trees a couple summers ago, regraded the whole yard to slope away from the house better and built up a 2 foot rock wall on the street sides of the lot. Last summer we planted bulbs, some bushes, roses and a bunch of small trees. I also worked in a lot of compost, peat and manure because the entire yard is heavy clay. Should have an actual presentable yard this summer.

Haven't touched my garden yet besides clearing weeds and watering my strawberries and aspargas.

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