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thanks for the tips guys... been doing the grind at work again this week, sorry i haven't been able to reply. the only time i'm able to check out the forum is on tapatalk on my way to work and i can't update my journal from there lol.

i planted some awesome plants i got from on Monday... i'm honored to have his crypts in my tank. I just hope i can do them justice. thank you nick!

zach your barclaya zachfolia is a beast! and has multiple blood red fronds... you can catch a glimpse of it in the pic above... i have since moved it to the back center of my tank and can't wait for this thing to explode out of the green! thank you zach!

good night FTS 04-04-12

on another note, i was tending to my emersed setup on monday as well.... thought i'd post some pics of the plants' progress. shoutout to mah man gordonrichards... as most of these crypts are his!

the only way i can grow a hygro... emersed! lol

that yellow guys on the bottom left is not a result of a nutrient deficiency... its a result of a hitchhiking sunset hygro :O

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