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Dunwoody Petland

For those of you in Atlanta who cannot find a quality pet store to go to, then Petland in Dunwoody is an awesome store to check out. It has lots of plant care items such as:

-Flourite, Flourite Black, Flourite Dark, Flourite Red, Onyx Sand
-The Seachem Flourish Line

Many great tanks, and fish/live stuff such as:
-Danio choprae
-Scarlet Badis
-Ember Tetras
-True SAEs
-Sparkling Gouramis
-Corydoras habrosus
-Amano Shrimp
-Brine Shrimp (live)

And much, much more. Also, plants such as:
-Riccia fluitans
-Dwarf Sag
-Crypt wendtii 'red'
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