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My previous post was an over-the-top reply to:
"Now, if you run around here saying watts per gallon people might freak out and punch you in the head"
What can I say, that struck a nerve at the wrong time.
Thanks for your constructive input.


i did and u do....I keed.

I came up with the watt choices based on your tank and other's tanks on this thread. Since your posts didn't mention if your tank was high or low tech, your posts were the least helpful.

Sincere thanks for your input (less the false assumption) and speedy recovery.

FWIW, my unbalanced, low tech, fish poo saturated, newbie tank had terrific algae growth w/ 3x23 watt CFLs at 2" above the water and 22" from the substrate on 10 hr timer....after a week of neglect. It looks nasty.
I switched to 3x13 watts resting on the glass cover, on 10 hr/day. Dosing mucho Excel, added Osmo+ fertcicles. Multipule 50%PWCs. Algae is dieing and plants appear to be rebounding, except the vals, my sacrificial Excel lambs. Fish are well...Momma Krib is about to pop. The SAEs are loving the all you can eat buffet.

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