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Originally Posted by Krystal907 View Post
I am pretty heart broken about Barnacle bills leaving fish behind. I'm not a huge fan of pets are people because I feel like they're in between lfs and petco and they treat their fish as such. PLUS the fish guy I always run into is pretty pretentious.

I would love to do a Eastern Washington meet up
Oh man, that one guy with the long hair? I have a laundry list of BS he's tried to pedal on me, with my personal favorites being "Excel grows plants 60% better than (API CO2 Boost). Just Gluteraldehyde will actual grow brown algae", "You will need at least 4 T5HO bulbs on your tank to grow high light species (referring at the time to L. Cuba and Repens)", "Two T5HO is not enough to grow alternanthera", and my all time favorite, "I'm actually a world renown aquascaper" (his exact words, I kid you not).

A meetup would be pretty rocking.
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