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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
If you use eco-complete, you are essentially doing the same function as aqua soil, but the path you take is going to be infinitely more troublesome to get the same result.
Could you elaborate a bit more on this, i assume this is due to the fact that eco-complete is basically inert gravel? Reason i ask this, is i have a high tech tank set up with eco-complete, and the growth seems to be a bit sporadic to say the least. dosing e.i with weekly water changes for quite sometime and havnt been very satisfied with the results.

Also, and maybe i missed it, i would be interested on your techniques for setting a lighting schedule, and things you take into consideration when doing this. I have noticed in my own setups, that when i first plant a high light/c02 tank, i seem to get better results, meaning less algae, and more stability, with a shortened lighting period until the plants get rooted and begin to fill in, before increasing the lighting time, i assume this goes hand in hand with what you were previously saying, that plants don't take in as many nutrients until they are more established in the tank.

great thread btw!
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