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Originally Posted by Dollface View Post
Actually, I think daily diligence is the main point that Frank is trying to reinforce with this thread. He doesn't really rely so much on the additives as a magic fix-it-all, they're just another tool in his maintenance and dosing regimen. Most of his advice, e.g. consistent water changes, dosing, and filter clearning, dealing with algae sooner rather than later, taking note of the tanks needs and responding to that, isn't about magic ADA hickory smoke bacteria food, it's about just paying attention to your tank and enjoying it.
Oh, I agree and that's why I made a point of saying how much he shows it. It just can get a bit diluted, as I said, with all the other info. I was not trying to imply that I felt Frank thought his additives were more important than other aspects of the tank (and I have read enough from Frank to know he sees no shortcuts). I also want to restate that I only meant what I was saying in the most complimentary of ways. I am seriously jealous of his ability to put in so much time into his tanks.

If I had time to get my hands wet even 2x as often, I know for a fact that my only high tech tank would be 4x better (or more). I realize that and now do more low tech tanks but I still haven't made my high tech stable enough for my lifestyle.
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