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Originally Posted by manualfocus View Post
Looking good so far! Good luck with the HC. I've never had ANY success with the transition, so I hope yours goes well.
Thank you! I hope too. I know I did something right on my previous 10 gallon Project (see signature link). Lets hope this HC can make it too! Ofcourse without the algae hehe.

Originally Posted by swoof View Post
I have the 36" Coralife NO fixtrue from Ken's Fish for my 12L, try and get one on the next SCAPE group buy Trace and Flourish Comprehensive are two diff things, Trace is something you want to add to an established filled tank. Comprehensive has more to it.
Man $48 for coralife fixture sure is a good deal! So how is your tank with this fixture? doing good? Maybe you could share me some picture of your tank with the 36" Coralife fixture on
I really really want to buy this fixture but I heard they are not worth the money for T5NO and bad reflector.

Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
Easiest thing to do would be to dose with Seachem Equilibrium.
To keep algae under control I found having a siesta period of 2hrs of lights off helps. Something like this 4hs on/ 2hrs off/ 4hrs on.
Do I dose this while dry start with my spray bottle or flooded?
That's a good tip! The lights are always off when I go out to school (6am), and only can enjoy 2 hours of light on after I got home from school then lights off

Originally Posted by 2in10 View Post
Great start
Thank you!

Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
Yes it looks like a good start. Has there been more growth?
Yeah indeed. Because the HC I got are "trims" from another person, there are no roots to "plant". That's why I did the sprinkle method. As in right now, there are some new growth of new stems! yay.

**Yesterday (March 31) I bought 2 more HC pot from a local fish store. I planted them at the left side of the tank
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