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just an update. I've been narrowing down a better dosing regime. I'm dosing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and seachem comprehensive. Dosing seachem nitrate at water change but not throughout the week (unless my levels drop too low). I've been routinely eyeing the nitrate and phosphate levels. I've been dosing at lights up: 4ml phosphorus, 2ml potassium, and 1ml comprehensive (for now...I've been honing in on a good daily routine). I broke out the test kits one day because I realized I was getting a good dose of green spot algae on some of my plant leaves and have been battling the occasional bba (I believe). And wouldn't you know it, but my nitrates were virtually zilch as well as my phoshate levels. cleaned the filter and the diffusor. installed the drop checker and what I thought was a good rate of 1bps actually had to be increased to around 1.75 bps to get the levels in the aquarium to balance out better. I've been paying more attention each morning to the tank and really feel like I've been benefiting from the dosing regime and have a better control on the algae. I've been trying my best to make the adjustments slowly and things seem to be working well. Here are some photos. The algae on the blade of hairgrass (which I cut) I believe is BBA. Would you agree? I've been raising the lily pipes at night to get a better gas exchange in the water with some o2 and feel like it's having a positive affect. by morning the drop checker is back to blue. Here are some photos. Good growth in the past month. Haven't cut the hairgrass at all yet. going to wait until I can control what I think is BBA before I give it a good trim. I should also be pruning the rotala soon. Any recommendations? Should I snip and replant the propogated pieces or snip and discard the taller stems? any thoughts on trimming. A good sign with the addition of phosphorus is that there has not been any new GSA emerging on the leaves (especially on the echinodorus). I've been enjoying the change of pace with this tank and think that the plant combination is really pretty. Best to all for looking. -el g


hard working pond snail

drop checker with fresh solution

finally nitrates (around 40ppm)

my new bubble counter

and some of the tank...

pearling plants and some happy fish
I made my own custom top of this tank. The glass I had purchased from across the street was of poor quality. this is a 3/4" piece of plexiglass that I had cut in SOHO. Hasn't bowed one bit. I wonder if it reduces any of the light on the tank. regardless, keeps fish jumping to a minimum and "cat-paw-fishing" a thing of the past. It may also be bullet proof...yahtzee
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