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maintenance 04-01-12 April Fools maiontenance

so after my light fixture fell into my tank.. i became very thankful that i got an "aquatic fixture" that happened to have a splash cover and sealed bulbs... wow i never thought THAt would happen...

yes it was an exciting day. tank maintenance on all my tanks and the removal of the center piece of driftwood that is not located in my pea puffer nano. i planted some great specimens of blassi and moehlmanni that i hope will take to the new environment... i think they are gorgeous plants and so happy to have them in there. with the removal of the DW i was able to expand my sunoganthus belem farm and moved my tonina fluvalitis towards the center left of my tank.. i notice they do not like ot be crowded and demand center stage. hopefully they do well...panantal is down to three tops, base stems melted and were discarded. i realized that these like to be planted in substrate hopefully they bounce back from the dead.

at the end of the day i would like to welcome the new additions to my tank:
- black neon tetra crew (5); these guys are beautiful as much as they are gangsta! love em.
- khuli loache (2); awesome freaky looking guys, totally at home in a heavily planted situation... now if i can only find them!
- juvie bristle nose pleco.. at $2.75... i could not resist... of course i have no idea where he is as he is blended in somewhere probably by the filter intake... i'm sure when he gets big i wil have to move him to my new 75 tank my friend is giving to me.. doh!

tank shot right

tank shot left

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