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Originally Posted by jkan0228 View Post
So would you prefer SAE's or Pandas? Or otos?

But how come the supposedly Wendtii grow differently in the same tank? Different levels of lighting?

Sorry for so many questions.
Hmm, thats a tough one! I actually have all 3 in my tank and all have different benefits. Otos are good at there job and always have been and great if you like schoolers. Pandas have great personalities and fun to watch and do a great job as well. SAE's are also great and will work on everything, plus I can buy them for $3 a piece and have them work on algae til they get to big since its only and 40 and sell them back to the lfs for $7

I does grow completely different in all sorts of parameters wether it be light or co2. Im sure nutrients play a factor as well. Being in the same tank though I guessing it is light but not sure why one is starting to get real red, Im guessing the iron. Alot of times the stems will redden up big time and the underneaths will be pink. I have the same crypt in other tanks as well but grows differently in a lot of those as well. Before I sold them all I could have taken pics of this same kinda of Crypt looking 10 different ways, even though they all originated from the same plant.

I encourage questions Its hard to learn if you dont ask them! Nobody should be afraid or sorry for doing so.
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