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Originally Posted by Hcancino View Post
All the l. aromatica I got from you I chopped down to the base and it's all grown out and looks good but it all turned a bright yellow green and has a little reddish pink tint to it. Do I need more iron? I feel like I have enough light
Yeah, you need more iron to get it that color. My tapwater has alot of Iron in it but I still dose every once in awhile like once a week along with a few other nutrients. Wasserpest is putting some extra Crypt Willisii in my package for you.

Originally Posted by jkan0228 View Post
I've heard that Pandas are excellet algae eaters. Have you found this to be true?

Also, are all your crypts in your 40B Wendtii? If so, what variant?
I would say they are good algae eaters as far as what grows on the glass like green spot but they didnt seem to bother with the bba that would grow on rocks over time. They definitely are eaters, constantly! Im a fan of them, they are really fun to watch and kinda have a mind of there own. I would keep them with more than one just because they are very interactive with each other and quite the show sometimes

Those are Wendtii, I have tried to get a id on them and have heard Bronze and Green/Brown but alot of them vary in so many ways. I have one now that is reddish...but all came from the same stock of crypts that I have manage to keep over the last 5yrs so not really sure what they are exactly.
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