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Originally Posted by mahko View Post
Maybe I missed it, but have you added shrimp yet? Or are you planning on adding some?

I cycled my tank with some seeded filter media and my ammonia/nitrite levels are zero as of yesterday. I added some amano shrimp and oto's and they are doing fine. Tested the water again and levels are the same. Was that too soon, or should I pull them and wait another week?
I will add shrimp sooner or later. Probably by the end of the third week. The reason being is this tank hasn't gotten fully cycled. In many tanks, using a substrate like Aqua Soil, it's best to seed with some old media from another tank of similar parameters. However I wanted to start "fresh," on this one. Partly to show the process, partly to improve my own skills in handling issues as they occur.

Originally Posted by mahko View Post
I wasn't too worried, seeing how the water conditions were good. Looking back at the ADG/ADA how to videos on youtube, shrimp and otos were added after the first week. Seems to be going a slightly different direction than that. Just curious.
That aquarium also had tap water used in it: which in Houston is quite high (8.1 or there abouts). Nitrifying bacteria tend to grow quicker in harder water vs. softer water, where their metabolism slows (I just learned that a few days ago, and linked to the article a few pages back). I'm using pure RODI here as I refuse to use tap for a planted tank again.

Originally Posted by icepotato89 View Post
the nice ADA maintenance stand on a cardboard box made me lol. we need ADA stuff in australia...
I could slap an ADA sticker on it for ya'
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