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And with that the light design philosophy for the next 1X years has been written.

Think I'm pretty well set that I want to do an LED next then. Will pick up some valuable soldering/electronics skills along the way.

I know I read Hoppy in another post that the "number of rows" multiplication may not hold up once the spacing between rows grows to the 6" distance which would happen if I spaced out even 3 over the middle 12 of an 18" front-to-back, so I will have to use this thread, other graphs Hoppy's posted, and probably a little guesstimating to figure out how to build a 40B light. I will need to crunch some numbers in Excel if I get a chance this week but thinking I'll try to do it with three rows, but treating the PAR value as "two" rows because of the wide spacing between the outermost front and back. I am presuming, before having done the numbers, if I aim for 50-60 PAR with 600-700 mA this three row design would get me close enough that I could either go down intensity or up, if I'm wrong, and not hit the "min current" or "need cooling" thresholds.

Use of LEDs will allow me to build a light to fit my desired canopy design, instead of building my canopy around desired lights (for T5HO I'd need to be concerned with heat as well as height, on a 40B I will want a "squatter" canopy)

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