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Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s
Them are some great inspirations. Also nice tank chicken.
Thanks, and I agree... that's a beautiful tank Chicken!

Originally Posted by chicken View Post
I think you have some great ideas. I really like the look of scapes like the ones you've shown as your inspiration.

I agree that you want to be sure your plantings don't obscure the rocks too much. Rocks have a way of shrinking once the tank is fully planted! Even low carpeting plants like HC have a way of hiding the rocks more than you expect, especially in a small tank. You may need to go with larger rocks than you think you need.

Also, it has been my experience that the substrate tends to flatten out over time, so that nice slope you've shown may not last. I try to use rock placement to reinforce the slope (this can also slow down hairgrass from completely taking over). That's sort of what I did with this tank, although eventually it did flatten out. This is a 2.5 gallon tank, and when I first put the rocks in, they looked huge!
I hope my gc will fill in as nicely as yours.

Thanks, and I really like the ADA planting too in that one. It just reminds me of the rocky grassland in that area.

I do hope to use the stone to reinforce the slopes. Although it looks like small rocks sitting on top of the slope, they actually used larger rocks that were placed first on some soil, then piles of soil were added in around them.

In my tank, I'm thinking about 1/2-2/3 of the stones will be "planted" and hopefully this will keep the slopes in place. I do intend to lower the soil quite a bit, so the picture you see now is more of where I intend the top of the plantings to grow/be trimmed to. The soil line in the mock up was used just so I could get a visual of how the rock should look in the finished scape. I've heard Amazonian breaks down over time, which may also contribute to the compaction and sinking effect...?

Going to a new LFS today, crossing fingers that I find my flatirons.

my little eden
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