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This thread was pointed out to me by sockfish. Thanks!

My 12G Mr. Aqua has been running for about a year now. I started with a single Finnex PX-360 filter which needs pretty regular cleaning to keep the flow going. About a week ago I hooked up an Eheim 2026, but had to use a ~30" spray bar to keep the substrate on the bottom, and not the top . This tank is viewable front and back and the long spray bar is getting on my nerves. I finally decided to try 2 PX-360s, one on each end. I should have the second Finnex installed over the weekend and the Eheim delegated to something else.

I do like my tanks bright, very bright. I have a 2x39w Hagen Glo light with pressurized CO2 on this guy and that seems to work for me.

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