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Well Mr fishy, I think with your pimp'n skills you'll manage. We had our share of shady characters at PP when I worked there too...

There is a meeting this friday but it's going to be pretty boring. I suggest waiting for October, I here the program is going to be pretty interesting and the guy who is doing it is cool too

In all seriousness, if you do go to the meeting tomorrow, the board is going to have the membership vote on whether or not we are going to have an annual show. They are being really pessimistic about it and I fear they are going to sway the club into voting against it, which would be a shame. I don't really want to go into more detail but if you do attend the meeting, please vote YES for the annual show.

And regarding the Dicrossus, keep them with softer water as it makes all the difference. Using ADA aquasoil or Red Sea Florabase works wonders in softening our water here.

Sorry Zach for hijacking and pulling the thread off topic.
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