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Originally Posted by livebearer View Post
oh yea i forgot to mention i have 2 mellon swords and some other green sword and they are doing just fine no other plant wass affected by the chemical change in my tank but the javas,
you may be right about changes causing the melt. I probably should keep a log of some sort so I can go back and analyze things. I always think I can remember so I never write anything down.

As for the other plants, the swords and anubais seem to be ok, but at one time when I upped the lighting and CO2 (= change) that is when some of the java melted (not the ones closest to the light and directly in front of the canister CO2 output) and some of the blades of DHG clumps kinda rotted closer to the stalks which I thought was caused by the diatom hair algae suffocating them.
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