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1) Leave the pictures in order. Illustrating an evolving story is meaningless if the pictures are all clumped together at the beginning
2) I've got a couple nanos that are open top. Only one has shrimp but I haven't lost one yet. A nerite committed suicide yesterday though, so I'm looking into a glass top insert. Looks like your brackets are available w/free shipping here
3) ...and most important. 2 SS750, one red, one yellow. Spent the money on the Ducati Performance full exhaust and tuneable ecm, made a noticeable difference. Not QUITE as sexy as your toy but infinitely more daily-rideable. I'm about 45 minutes from Daytona in year-around riding weather and can hop on either and put a full days ride in without feeling like a pretzel or having to put out the fire under the seat from doing some slow cruising. The better half has the 996 I got him for his birthday a few years ago and a ZX11 (Old school fun!) with a sprocket kit and a bunch of carb work.
The 996 HATES cruising and he hates the convection oven effect on his legs at anything under 45mph. The '11, on the other hand, is as comfortable as a Goldwing on steroids.

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