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Originally Posted by joon View Post
Van , are u gonna try to breed ZEBRA PLECOS!!!!??????
only one chance i could buy a zebra pleco, it was 2003 hiddenreef annual sale
i remeber i could buy one zebra pleco for $60 (50%off)
but it is 399.99 at lfs now?? what a surprise
few yrs later, i want to try discus and zebra plecos as well
but this year i want to be a shrimp breeder, i will collect all kind of shrimp i can get
and try to breed them for an year and next march , im gonna open a swap meeting at my house , $1 a shrimp sale ... thats my plan
Not necessarily breed. I would say I want to have more hands on experience with them. I currently have 3 that I have been raising the past 2 years. Thinking back, I should have gotten more at the time when I got there three but that is hind sight.

$399 at the LFS is just someone being greedy. That's is about what the market value is.
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