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Originally Posted by timber
Pets Unlimited is not closing, their lease is up and are in the process of finding a new home. good riddance to that ghetto location, I don't know how many times I've been offered crystal meth and crack in their parking lot.
But . . . where else can I get my fish, meth, and crack all at the same place??? Sorry Aaron, couldn't resist.

Seriously (ahem) -- is there a HAS meeting this Friday (9/2/05)? I should probably go, and pay my renewal, even though I only show up once every year or two.

Eheim Pimp #70!

20G long: dwarf cichlids, sparkling gouramis, and a couple of kuhli loaches. 2 x 24W T5, DIY CO2, Eheim 2213.

75G: Cichlids, rainbows, gouramis, loaches, and tetras. 4 x 54W T5s + 2 x 55W PCs, pressurized CO2, Eheim 2213 & 2215
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