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Originally Posted by audioaficionado View Post
I gotta try because I don't have your connections and Japan is bogarting what is left from what I've read. There are some pretty cool looking rocks up in the hills and mountains here in S. Ore. The Siskiyou mountains are particularly interesting geologically and botanically. Lots of granite, marble and other metamorphic rock. Might as well snag some Manzanita while I'm up hiking around.

I just looked on E-bay and the Odyssea CFS 500 was a reasonable $60. What was bad about the Eheim?
These rocks are on loan from my local club buddy only . Now I can see why he didn't want to sell them.

The Eheim Pro3 is rather weak for it's size IMO. Also it has a badly designed head unit that leaks via the primer button seal after less then a year use. I almost scrapped it until I found out that you have to open up the head to lube up the primer seal. Also, if your power goes out on the unit, you have to open up the canister, lift up the head, spill 16oz of water all over the floor, seal it back up, and then press the primer button to get the flow going once again. Otherwise, good luck trying to reprime with the primer button lol.

The CFS 500 only takes a click of a switch to get the water flowing and even if there's a power outage, it kicks right back in once there's power again. It also has much more flow.

Originally Posted by chiefroastbeef View Post
Wow, that is an amazing looking tank. I want to rescape now...

Thanks for the inspiration.
Glad you like it. Thanks!

Originally Posted by dewalltheway View Post
Lks great man! The scape is awesome and love the rock! Any fish ideas yet??
Thanks dewall! I'm thinking about getting a school of Sawbwa Resplendens... We'll see what happens . Def some Amanos for initial tank maintenance crew.
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