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Dry Start Begins!

So I started planting the HC yesterday by "sprinkle" method. I just sprinkle the HC nice and evenly then I sprinkle more Fluval Stratum to lightly cover/buried some HC, so they looked like "planted" with tweezers.

Photoperiod: 10 Hours (12pm - 10pm)
Light: Oddysea (e-bay) 20" Dual T5HO

Right now I'm still deciding on which light fixture should I get. I'm hoping I can make this tank as high-tech as my pocket can support

Pictures Cheers!

Full Tank Shot

Bird View

Left Side

Right Side

I know I defies the law of iwagumi rock numbers. I only have 2 rocks on 1 side of the tank only. But I want to make a great plain of HC kind of view. I don't know, its just me being weird and having very limited amount of resource.
That's pretty much it right now! Finally I can sleep now lol.

Hope you guys enjoy! I will keep you updated.

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