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Added fauna:

Anubias nana petite
Golden Nesaea
Hydro tripartita

Time for a new journal entry. The flood may be as soon as a week away because I don't really know how much more I can accomplish emersed.

Here is a semi-overhead shot. You can see how much the mini pellia has taken off from when it was just little bits.

Here is another overhead. The difference in MP texture here is dramatic. I love them both, but sometimes it's hard to believe they are the same moss. Hate that this turned out blurry. Will take a do-over.

Speaking of "hard to believe", this is also MP. This is, by far, the closest to the light. Unlike lots of other plants, MP, at least when grown emersed, tends to get more leggy the more light it receives. You can see some hydro tripartita in the background on the right.

Here is some MP that is on a rock, dropped right on the substrate. It's uber-compact, and a nice contrast shot to the one prior that got so leggy. You can also see the green slime algae having it's way on that rock. This is the only rock that's been affected, and it's one I pulled out of my other 90p. I definitely had a too much light/too much moisture thing going on. The MH has since been shut down.

I honestly don't know how these branches will turn out in the end, but it will be fun to see what happens. With as well as this stuff sticks emersed, it has me realizing that someone with patience could make an entire MP wall on the rear glass if they chose that route.

Here is a line of fissidens on the rear rock that will grow vertically. I have it strategically placed throughout the scape. In my other 90p, I have two 2x2 meshes with fissidens. In one the leaves are tiny and immaculate. In the other they are leggy and rather large. This has me thinking they are different species.

You can see some of the nana petite here as well as 3 rocks draped in MP that was originally in my other tank and not doing well at all (Guessing it didn't care for the 850 tds all that much). Now growing emersed, it as first melted away, and now it's rebounding with delicate new "leaves".

I am so close to a flood now. All I need is media.

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