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Day 10 (I almost said Day 11, losing track).

There's no water change today, and algae growth has stymied a bit.

There are two things different here. See if you can notice. Don't read any further until you can guess.

Did you guess it? Yes, I changed out the Riccia stones, three of them, as well as one other change, but first let's talk Riccia.

I've discussed my displeasure with the way the Riccia was growing broad leafed before. In response to this, I obtained more Riccia. Really more Riccia than I know what to do with, so the majority of it is sitting in a bucket pending another layout.

Midway through looking at the Riccia, I discovered that likely it's the same SP of what I've got. So it's 99% likely that my quest continues. However, the Riccia's growth on the right side isn't irritating me as much today, so I'm leaving it there.

Now the other three stones had some growth suffering: the basic stock had some brown spots and was growing in unevenly. So I went ahead and used the new stuff to retie new riccia. This will balance out probably within a week or so. Thankfully, Riccia is very forgiving with it's growth.

The other change:

I removed the Microsword. There was something in this layout causing me tension and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. After looking at it for a bit, I had a hunch that the microsword was messing with the flow of my layout, and after enough frustration of seeing it, I completely removed it from the layout.

And Viola, there's all of a sudden a lot of tension gone from the layout: it flows much better and the planting scheme jives a lot better.

The broad leafed look of the Microsword was just not working with the slender leaf Tennellus and Hair Grass. It's color wasn't meshing with the Moss, and it's positioning on the left of the main stone just wasn't working.

So, compare the this picture with the previous day picture. All of a sudden the right side looks infinitely more expansive.

Now for a picture of my favorite section of the aquarium:

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