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Originally Posted by houseofcards View Post
That makes sense from an enjoyment/satisfaction end of things. I'm curious and I could be wrong, I think I once read in a ADA publication that eventually a tank will find it's end. I'm pretty sure it was based on an accumulation of organic build up over time. Even with WC and good growth/maintenance eventually keeping it pristine become harder and harder and the tank needs to be started over. Do you have any insight on this?
This is absolutely true. Every layout eventually reaches its end. You. An revitalize soil with multi and iron bottom, but eventually all things must end for the planted tank. Inevitably the plants become old and tired, no longer able to pull from the exhausted resources of the ecosystem.

While this process often takes years in larger tanks when you at least resupply with multi and iron bottom, it is utterly inevitable that the system tires out and crashes. Not quickly, but slowly things just start to not Regrow as they used to. Eventually aqua soil starts to calcify, and loosen as roots keep pushing through it.

This is why you should enjoy the layout while it lasts and take measures to healthily prolong the system as much as possible.

Bit of a life lesson, no?
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