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Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
Yep, looks great. Do you know the total wattage (calc'd or measured) that this setup draws? Also, do you know your total cost?
Each LED should be about 8.75 watts (3.5V x 2.5A) resulting in about 70 watts for each string of 8 LEDs. I am only guessing on the forward voltage, but it should be close to actual. However, I am now curious enough to measure it tonight when I get home.

Edit #1: Total cost is less than $500 ($100 for drivers, $100 for aluminum, $200 for LEDs, then miscellaneous stuff like soldering iron)

Edit #2: I measured the voltages across several of the LEDs just now. It turns out that for the XML U2, the voltages are slightly above 3V, and for the XML T5, the voltages are slightly less than 3V. So using 3V as the average across all LEDs, each LED string uses 60 watts (3V x 2.5A x 8 LEDs). That gives me a total of 180 watts.

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