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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
I have a precisely in-precise answer to that question:

I plan on keeping this setup for as long as it entertains me. I figure at least 6 mo's to a year. It all really depends and here's why: There are some layouts you do, which once you achieve the final result you absolutely love them and keep them going as long as you want. Others, you get the final result and decide you want to do something new, or are inspired to challenge yourself in a new way.

I would recommend with any layout to at least keep it going for enough time to enjoy fish in the aquarium and relax.
That makes sense from an enjoyment/satisfaction end of things. I'm curious and I could be wrong, I think I once read in a ADA publication that eventually a tank will find it's end. I'm pretty sure it was based on an accumulation of organic build up over time. Even with WC and good growth/maintenance eventually keeping it pristine become harder and harder and the tank needs to be started over. Do you have any insight on this?
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