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Are you just running the UGF with air pump?
Yes, just let the air stone go all the way down, touching the UGF.
By using UGF (doesn't matter how you set it up, pipe, this type) you will turn your entire substrate into a huge biofilter. You can also connect your filter inlet to the UGF but doing this may decrease your substrate's using life. Using air pump is enough and you're good in 12-18 months depends on its thickness. As long as it can keep low pH, it's still ok to be used.
While there might be small tweaks to the set-up that some of us would make it looks like you have all of the key ingredients in this set-up and you should be good to go.

Pretty well thought out and put together shrimp tank.
Thank you, sir. I'll try not to mess it up too much. The simpler, the better, less maintain, less stress and better result.

This setup is just for letting me know some basic information about crystal shrimp and help me to repair for my future shrimp rack.

Isn't there some sort of coating on window screening that isn't good for aquatic life?
I'm using the fiber glass one and I think it's ok. If there's any coat, I think it's just epoxy and I think epoxy is ok when it's dry. There's a thread discussing about this I they said it's ok.
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