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That's an interesting UGF filter. I guess the only thing that comes to mind is to utilize the height well since shrimp normally only stay near the bottom of the tank. Maybe with either tall driftwood or some moss walls.
The UGF I'm using is just a regular one. I prefer this type than the pipe one.
I really want a 30x16-17x14 size, the 20l is quite small for my DW that I already ordered.
very nice, you should post a journal about this tank in the tank journal section of the forums.
I think it's better to post it here because shrimp tank quite less updated, and I think I can get more opinions from other shrimper here.
wow. nice investment... you better have some SS+ grade tankmates in there ...
Yeee...eaaap. I'll start with some SS grade and go up later.

Quick update: substrate and additive
I'm not sure about using lava rock. I can use more ADA instead of lava. Some people says it will raise pH but many guys here have been using them with great result. So, lets give it a try. Another reason I wanna use lava rock is first, they are good house for bacteria. Moreover, I'm gonna tie moss, scape tank with lava rock anyway. So having a layer off it is just fine.

I cut a plastic window screen and place it on top of the lava rock to separate it with ADA because I don't want ADA gets between the lava rock, and this also raise my substrate a little more, so more flows go through my substrate---> good for shrimps.

Over it is a thin layer off ADA, just enough to cover the entire substrate before I sprinkle additive

For the additive, I'm using ADA bacter 100, ADA clear supper, Mosura old sea mud and BT-9. I wanna give my substrate plenty of good bacteria.
Look like salt, pepper, chilli powder to me
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