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Originally Posted by thefisherman View Post
you're tank looks outstanding from the start bro! i am absolutely excited for you, i can't wait

- thefisherman
Thank you Ryan .

Originally Posted by sunyang730 View Post
I see a lot of tanks behind this nice tank
That's the Shrimp Room .

Originally Posted by audioaficionado View Post
Subscribed. If I wasn't at work last night I'd been 2nd poster

I zoomed in on that last FTS w/water and there is a lot of intricate detail with the rocks and wood that will look awesome if you don't let it jungle up too much. Those plants you have will look great PDQ as they fill in with EI, CO2 & your lights.
Don't worry bro... I won't let it get too jungly haha. However, I can't promise that the plants will stay the same as the it progresses. For some reason I always tend to change it up a bit as the tank begins to mature. We shall see what happens since I don't really have any cut n dry goals for it.

Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
The rocks and wood looks hot Nick. That looks like a lot of work!
Thanks Howard. The rocks are Hot to begin with so it didn't take much to stack em in 2 separate piles inside a glass box to make em pop hehe. The planting and moss tying was the most strenuous part.
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