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Nick's ADA 120-P Journal "THE SEQUEL" - Updated 4/29/14 **NEW SCAPE**

7/17/13 - Foreground has come back full force since the many months of neglect. Since the last update, I managed to get the tank back on weekly NPK and killed off all the spyro algae and now everything is nice and green once again.

I've got plans to redo this tank with a brand new scape, but we'll just have to see how much time I have.


5/13/13 - iPhone VID - This is as low maintenance as it's gonna get. I dose NPK and micros about once a week if I remember and do 50% water change once a month, if any.

Old tank, new scape. This time around I was able to get my hands on some excellent seiryu stones to go along with it. The wood used is the same wood from my old scape. All I did was cut the branches into individual pieces which enabled me to stick em where they looked best for me. I then stacked the rocks on top/in between to help hold them in place. I think it worked out fairly well for this scape.

I spent about 5 hours on Saturday morning from catching all the fish to scooping out every little bit of substrate out. I was beat! Sunday I spent 4 hrs setting up the new hardscape, planting/tying moss, and filling up the tank. Here are some of the pics from this weekend:

1. After a long morning of "project teardown River Wild" Scrubbed down, corner to corner.

2. The day after. Soil is in and sloped appropriately.

3. Hardscape is IN! w00t w00t!

4. Plants are planted and moss tied.

5. Fill'R up! Look at that silt! Not to worry tho, my filter took care of it real quick .

6. Couple hours after fill up. Now we wait for her to fill in.

I will update this post with a plant and equipment list soon. I used a lot of my old plants along with a few new ones. Nothing special.

Thanks for looking!

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