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Thanks crazy, slowly but surely its coming together The white balance isnt the best on my camera, so it does lose the araguia in the pics, looks better in person though and its still growing out. Same goes for the few stems of bold just to the left of the araguia.

A year or two ago someone posted pics of trips they take through the springs in florida and I loved the look of the ludwigias and other stems growing around the stumps so I kinda went with that as my inspiration here.

I have some tufa rock in the filters to help with that... Could be the mts sucking up all the calcium. Water around here is generally calcium rich, but I just moved out into the country kinda and we get our water from a resevoir a few hundred yards away and it might not be the same as the city
water that comes from lake erie which is alkaline. Ill have to give the water company a call and find out.

The angels are very pretty, but they will have to go before they start breeding and killing my little fish. I want get a bunch more redline rasboras. I have grown to like them more than my danios, they dont move too fast or too slow and hold a nice school. Not sure what the next "centerpiece" fish will be.
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