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low tech tank, looking for suggestions

pretty sure my tank is low tech so i thought i would start a thread here. i've been doing reef tanks since '00, so i know all about testing and upkeeping of more complex fish tanks. my current setup is as follows:

35 gallon tank (36x12x18)
penguin 200 filter
AC 5-15 filter
150w heater (tank is at 80.1F right now, hovers between 80-82F)
24" bubble wand (thinking about removing it honestly)
30# black gravel (picked up 50# play sand, going to wash tomorrow).
4 x 18watt CFL bulbs (packaging says 55w equiv), underside of canopy painted white

im planning on ordering 30# of and use it as my base, then cover it with the sand.

since my tap water is naturally hard and has a decent ph (8.0), i am going to do a cichlid tank but i wanted it planted this time. im looking for suggestions on what to do and what not to do.

your thoughts and comments are appreciated!
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