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Update? Hmmm....the betta died of dropsy a few weeks ago. It was rather unexpected. Not sure what caused it, but I think it was food related. I have a killifish in there right now and will try to update with a photo soon.

I did set up another Spec as well for my new halfmoon. Hopefully I will be able to update that as well. They sit side by side. I'm going to need a new light for them both. Hopefully I can use just one light to light them both at once. Thinking the 13 fluval light set an an angle.

As for the current...the killie has no issue with it, but I am running the pump at it's lowest with the tubing removed completely. Instead of the water being directed through the tube, the water just sort of spills out of the hole (removed the nozzle too). I also put extra bio media and sponges in that compartment to slow the water down. I plan on doing the same with the new spec. Hopefully the halfmoon will be able to stand a little current.
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