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Update time.
Not much has changed, still growing strong with no problems. Added some creeping jenny from out in the yard. Also added pennywort from other tank.
I grabbed some L. Repens out of a ditch and some giant hairgrass. Repens was algae-ified and snail egged so it got an h2o2 bath and is being grown out emersed to make sure its good to go. The giant hairgrass is in emersed tub for now too because its still small because it has just started to grow back after the winter.

Traded for Hg a while back, didnt fair to well in transit and was/is dying. It still has some green though so trying to revive that emersed as well. it came mixed with what looks like dwarf hairgrass and that is doing fine so not a total loss even if the hemianthus doesnt make it. MM in emersed is starting to get settled in. waiting for it to grow enough for a carpet in the 55 and I will convert it back to immersed because the snails and loaches always uproot it and I lose it to the filters or amongst the plants and I want to have a back up. Getting ready to set up a 20long for emersed so maybe I can put the MM in its own tub and submerge it to avoid having to transition back and forth between growth forms. Will also make some hemianthus bushes to help fill in the foreground if it pulls through. Misted it with flourish today hopefully that helps.

Anyway on to the pictures:

Left side: will replace the repens x arcuata with repens as the background fill behind the lucens as soon as its ready


Right side
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