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First pond,BIG {Planning ATM}

Hi all,

I have a 25'x50'x6' "Hole" at my farmhouse. It was meant to be a pond, but it couldnt. The thing was, when my father dug it, they were completely unaware about the workings of a pond. We still are, but with me active in this hobby I am hopping to make this pond work. Atleast hold water.

The first issue is, it does NOT hold water. Even in the rainy reason, it only fills up about 3-4'. And that water stays from June to mid-February. After that it dries up. The rainfall is adequate [140-200 cms Annually] and the temperature goes down to 4-5C in December to 40C in May. The soil is, well not good. The region does not have much clay, however some 30-40 Kilometers from that place, the soil is good enough to make double storey houses. I think I can use that soil [Clay?] to make the bottom of the pond. The budget atm does not allow for lining the entire pond. The cost comes to around $6000 using butyl liner.

Second issue is filtration. We already have 20000G swimming pool, with a filter to match [Sand filter probably]. However no one uses the pool, and I can use that to filter the pond. But while the pool is 20K gallons, the pond is 56K. I dont think it can do the same filtration with the pond. I am thinking of going DIY here. Maybe make another sand filter. I have the skills at hand (not mine though] but I cant find the right specs for this size a pond on the net. In my planted tanks, I keep an average of 2-3X turnover per hour. That is simply not possible for this pond. The max I can get is 2-3X per DAY. Is it enough to atleast see the bottom? Tips?

Can I have some budget friendly tips on making the water stay?
I am guessing the liner shop is taking me for a ride with the prices.
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